Realogistics International -- Integrated Logistics informati

Real-Software and Real Web building to Realogistics International(initial as "Realogistics") who become a integrated logistics information service provider base on the broadband access. Realogistics's success stems from its corporate ERP systerms through standard construction.


Logistics Information and Integrated Query Systerm :
Realogistics' users can check the cargo information on the basis of Master and house bill, contract number and other important datas, commercial insurance information, cargo real-time status and clearance status, freight bill download,important documents download(such as tariff tax,freight invs,packing list,etc) etc.

Its powerful comprehensive function makes customers can check any former status for operation of any cargoes through the systerm, such as commercial insurance status, freight charges, and the important transport document review and download.

Realogistics' circulation of important documents broken down into four steps: receiving customer clearance documents - transfer documents to customs agent - return documents from the customs agent - the final documents be returned to the customer.

Customers can see the important document tracking systerm in any circulation, also, according to customer's requirements, we will upload some important documents into the systerm for your inspection at any time to download.