Real Forwarding System


Real Forwarding Systems support Realogistics' freight forwarding business, covering business information management, cargo tracking management, transport document management, custom clearance management, transport and insurance management, domestic and foreign client management, transport price and cost management, customer relationship management, quotation management, human resource management and comprehensive financial management, acting as a hub to support business operation, sales, human resource, administration and finance.


Real Forwarding Systems are complex and powerful, extending to specific management practices and knowledge collection so as to realize intelligent management.


Working with Real Forward Systems, the inventory information in Real Supply-Chain Systems corresponds to transport system in Real Forwarding Systems, providing a complete supply chain management system for our clients.


Real Forwarding Systems is supported by Real Tracking Systems which automatically sends goods tracking information to both R and its clients;


Real Forwarding Systems are compatible with ISO 9000 to dynamically monitor daily operation. The systems instantly document customer service and supplier problems and provide automatic supplier review solutions, so as to improve internal risk control, which improves R’s ability of upgrading and improving services and helps establish customer-centered management framework.


Real Forwarding Systems + Real Supply-Chain Systems can accurately record, control and manage cargos (through serial number) in the whole supply chain process, from client acquisition, suppliers making up orders, to shipping to the Distribution Center, freight forwarders delivering to the Distribution Center after custom clearance and picking up goods, and to client’s sales people delivering to final users.


Logistics Business, client acquisition, customer service, sales and finance divisions could collaboratively work on the same platform to realize maximum efficiency and optimization of business process.


Realogistics provides statistical and financial support to instantly calculate product costs and sales volumes. 


Realogistics provides the best intelligent logistics solutions through analyzing internal activities and transaction data of Realogistics and its clients, as well as financial and supply chain data, improving client’s supply chain efficiency and optimizing all business collaborative processes.