Global Air Fright

Air Freight Import


Realogistics main business segment for the international transport of imports by air freight, the main sources of business is the buyer signed a FOB / FCA / EXW / DAF and other forms of trade contracts, and pays the freight costs. Realogistics will make use of its excellent agent network of overseas transportation of goods from foreign to domestic ports and airports.


The features of Realogistics import business is that Realogistics' International agency network covering all major importing country and region:

1) Europe, North America and all other developed countries, including Russia

2) all countries in Asia (including all Central Asian countries, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Indonesia, Iran, partial point countries)

3) Australia Australia and New Zealand

4) Africa, South Africa, Egypt, Sudan and Morocco

5) South America Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela and Chile



Air Freight Export


Realogistics is the member of CATA, and have good and stable partnership with international and domestic airline companies, which allow us to provide the quality service, best rate and space commitment to our customers.

Based on our extensive global network coverage, we can provide not just door to door service, but also DDU/DDP service:

Air Freight Export Service including:

1. Air Export Service

2. Int’l Port Service

1) Airfreight Collection

2) Prepaid Break bulk

3) Free Domicile

4) Order Fulfillment

5) COD Service

6) Inbound Export

7) Storages and others

3 Fumigation Service

4 Pick and Pack

5 Tally and Stow

6 Storages and Others