Gobal Oean Freight


Ocean Freight Import


R Company diligently strive to become the best international trade logistics solutions and supply-chain solutions provider. This is the vision of our development. R Company dedicate to provide you with efficient and effective shipping solutions to help you maintain your competitive edge in your industry


R Company is the professional customs brokers. We have established strategic partnership with many domestic agencies and international carries in order to offer you comprehensive oceanic transport services, including:


1. FOB Contracts Execution

2. Int’l Port Service


1) Pick and Pack

2) Trans loading

3) Stuffing Service

4) Tally and Stow

5) Order Fulfillment

6) Fumigation Service

7) Storages and others


3. POA Service

4. POA Import Brokerage

5. POA Storages

6. Domestic Bonded Service

7. Domestic Distribution



Ocean Freight Export


R Company has the NVOCC license, and good partnership with many shipping line companies, which allow us to provide the quality service, best rate and space guarantee to our customers. Based on our extensive global network coverage, we can provide not only the door to door international transportation, but also DDU/DDP service.

Our ocean freight export services including:

1. Ocean Freight Export Service

2. International Port Service

1Ocean Freight Collection

2Prepaid Break bulk

3Free Domicile

4Order Fulfillment

5COD Service

6Inbound Export

7Storages and others


3. Fumigation Service

4. Pick and Pack

5. Trans loading

6. Stuffing Service

7. Tally and Stow

8. Storages and Others