A/O Freight


1. REALOGISTICS provided full guaranteed logistic services for A&WMA to hold international conference in Xi’an 



1) Spent one month to decide the most optimal shipping rouge. Finally, we decided that the goods would ship to Douala and then transit to Chad.

2) Considering the local turbulent situation, we prepared double insurance for the goods. First, the commercial shipping insurance covered the whole process of door-to-door shipping. Also, the shipping company was asked to insure again, so as to avoid the risks caused by Chinese insurance company that cannot inspect the sites in Africa.

3) As logistic industry was backward in Africa, we initially planned to ship cargos to the destination by containers, where the consignee was responsible for unloading goods. However, we found that we couldn’t load ultra-sized containers onto the truck when the goods arrived at the transfer station. Thus, we timely adjusted the shipping plan and decided to unload goods at the transfer station under careful consideration. Later, we met a new problem that we had no large-sized crane to lift 15 tons equipment at the transfer station. Upon our efforts, we found the only unloading equipment, but no one knew how to use it. Therefore, we decided to hire equipment and workers from the closest neighboring city, which successfully helped us unload the goods and re-load to the ordinary flat truck.

4) Before loading, we decided to fix tires and container bottom with wooden wedges while the containers were fixed by high-strength belts, saving material costs for our clients. Although the road condition in Chad was very poor, all cargos were safely delivered to the clients due to such fixation.

5) Originally, the client asked the UN force to escort the goods from Ndjamena to Abache. However, the UN force had other commitments at that time, so we had to find a local truck company familiar with local conditions to go through this “dangerous” journey to Abache.

Overcoming many difficulties, such as rain and bumpy road, goods were safely sent to the UN headquarters in Chad through 5-month shipping. R Company ensured service quality by providing the most economical routes and strictly controlled each section and overcame many difficulties in less-developed Africa such as unloading and transition difficulties, which highly satisfied our client.


Project date: March 2010-July 2010