Exthibition and Performing



1. Guaranteed shipping solution for Hubei troupe to perform in Singapore


The following solutions were proposed:

1) The traditional route from Wuhan to Singapore or from Shanghai to Singapore by sea was infeasible due to the shortage of time. Based on this, Realogistics innovatively suggested a new route, namely shipping containers to Shenzhen by trucks and then to Singapore by sea. As Shenzhen located in the South of China, it saved 4-5 days to ship goods to Singapore compared to departing from the Port of Shanghai. This route could meet client’s time requirement.

2) Realogistics clearly knew that the custom clearance was very strict at southern ports. Therefore, we lodged a written application to Shenzhen port custom in advance and obtained the permission. All goods were claimed under the name of “performance props”.

3) After obtained ATA carnet, Realogistis timely scanned the carnet to our Singaporean agency and asked the agent to prepare materials with performance party so as to answer the enquiry of Singaporean custom about the item name.

4) Our Singaporean agency inspected the shipping route at the theatre in advance. Upon the inspection, the theatre had no space for unloading containers. Finally, we decided to unload goods at a warehouse and then shipped to the theatre by small trucks.

Finally, the performance was successfully held as the client wished. In this order, we provided an economical shipping route and saved huge costs (compared to air freight), while ensuring quality in each shipping section. Client was very satisfied.




2. Guaranteed shipping solution for China-India cultural exchange exhibition


Requested by the Ministry of Culture, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture held a grand Shaanxi folk culture exhibition and performance in Delhi, India. With our colleagues in Xi’an, Realogistics provided a comprehensive solution for the Department of Culture, including:


Considering storage insecurity in Indian warehouses, we stored goods in Chinese embassy temporarily after custom clearance. At the end of performance, flights to Xi’an were cancelled due to China National Day holiday. However, our client needed these goods for other performance. So, we worked with a Japanese airline to ship the cargo back to Xi’an during the holiday and arranged custom clearance immediately.


Generally, the delivery services in some developing countries, such as India, would encountered a series of problems, such as unclear custom clearance procedure, inefficient custom services, incomplete supporting facilities and slow information feedback. This was a state-to-state cultural event, involved in Ministry of Culture, P. R. China, Shaanxi Provincial Department of Culture, and Chinese embassy in India. Under the joint efforts with Indian agents, we successfully completed this important shipping task.


3. Logistic service for an international leading crystal brand holding a product launch ceremony in Beijing


On October 2012, Realogistics provided logistic service for an internationally leading crystal brand to hold an exhibition exclusive for professional audiences in Beijing. The cargos imported from UK were all expensive, while the shipping time was limited. Realogistics provided a fast logistic solution described as follows:


1) All products were shipped from UK to exhibit in Beijing and then shipped to Hong Kong, while some products were shipped to Singapore. Apart from exhibits shipping from the UK, some products were hire purchased. Based on this complex situation, Realogistics prepared different ATA carnets in line with different products with British agency and hire purchased products were processed in China as general import cargo.

2) The exhibition had many storage places, including Shanghai airport supervision warehouse (the 1st import place), Beijing exhibition venue, temporary warehouse at Beijing airport, Shanghai import warehouse, Hong Kong airport warehouse and Hong Kong exhibition warehouse. Realogistics purchased carrier liability insurance and property insurance, ensuring insurance coverage at all warehouses.

3) This exhibition was for professional audiences. Realogistics provided custom clearance route for Shanghai exhibition so that the client could successfully hold the exhibition in China. Professional logistic design was also needed.

4) Exhibits were branded import cargos, so brand authorization was needed. Realogistics suggested the client to employ a Shanghai-registered company to import as general goods, solving brand authorization issue.

5) As the time of custom clearance in Shanghai is limited, we worked with British agency and Shanghai client to complete ATA and general cargo custom clearance for complex cargos in a short period of time. For shipping from Shanghai to Beijing, the client accepted the suggestion of Realogistics and selected truck-load rather than airfreight. Cargos were safely and timely delivered to the exhibition site.






The two key parts (cargo delivery for exhibition arrangement and move-out) at Beijing exhibition were described as follows:


1. Key points of cargo delivery for exhibition arrangement:

Exhibition venue: Beijing Central International Trade Center.

The following problems were met and solved at the entry and exit of exhibition hall:


1) Inspected the site in advance;

2) Confirmed cargo delivery principle with the client ;

3) Confirmed the time of cargo picking up and delivery;

4) Others:


Because we shared the cargo lift with other clients during the moving-in and out period, we asked the client to coordinate with related offices on this issue so as to ensure the entry-exit priority and reduce waiting time.




1. Key points of move-out exhibition:


1) Confirmed the custom declaration agency and operation agency and asked the price.

2) Express delivery of ATA carnets.

1st: Posted to SHA custom declaration agency.

2nd: Informed Shanghai Realogistics when we finished custom claim and posted ATA carnet to the destination agency (ATA carnet could not be reissued if lost because the cargos were expansive).

3) Confirmed price: Including Beijing ground fee, domestic shipping fee, Shanghai ground custom declaration fee, operation cost, international shipping fee and DDU cost at the destination port.

4) Sorting cargos: Asked the agency to sort out cargos in line with ATA carnet;

5) Packaging and shipping mark: Original import airway bill number was not clear. So we prepared shipping mark (including ID, destination port, and foreign consignee information for our Shanghai colleagues). Shipping marks were properly placed on the boxes (fragile mark faced up). The client was responsible for packing. Otherwise, we would send staff to pack and avoided damage.

6) Handover to fleet: Took photos before and after loading and unloading. If any problem occurred, we would ask the client to inspect damage and affix the responsibility of road shipping company.

7) Confirmed details with foreign agency:

8) Confirmed flight schedule:

We firstly confirmed the time arrived at UK, Hong Kong and Singapore with the client and then booked the shipping space.




As the designated logistic agency for this exhibition held in Beijing and Hong Kong, we endeavor to overcome all the problems caused by the time limit and the large number of exhibits. We provided the most convenient solution for our clients in the shortest time, and cargos were successfully delivered to the exhibition venue and shipped back to different destinations after the exhibition. Our work was highly recognized by the client’s headquarters.


Project date: October 2012