Special Shipping


1. Shipping solution for FAW-VOLKSWAGEN Magotan HID lamp project


The shining HID lamp was a highlight of Magotan launched by FAW-VOLKSWAGEN as a key model in 2007/2008. However, China currently couldn’t produce such HID lamp. As a result, ordered by FAW-VOLKSWAGEN, we shipped around 500 tons of HID lamps from Europe to China. In the trip, we encountered a series of problems, such as insufficient air shipping capacity from Europe to China (heavy traffic volume), stringent quality control of import car lamp by the commodity inspection authorities and strict time requirements of door-to-door shipping. To overcome these difficulties, we adopted a series of measures, such as consulting the goods inspection authorities before the shipping, optimizing long-haul cross-border shipping lines in Europe, shipping airfreight in batches at the European Hub, balancing airfreight volumes, and preparing custom clearance in advance. We provided the most economical shipping solution, while ensuring a stable supply for the production line, so as to successfully ensure the most optimal supply and cost for the manufacturer.





2. Return-trip solution for shipping super-large equipment to participate in Offshore Technology Conference(OTC)      


Working with Xi’an logistic colleagues, Realogistics helped our clients to participant in annual OTC. During the service, we met the following problems:

1) Time pressure: the limited time did not allow us to directly ship to Houston by sea.

2) Complex operation: Some goods were disposed in the US after the exhibition, while some goods were required to ship back to China.

3) Large-sized goods: Flat rack or bulk carrier is required.

4) Lowest cost: As a long-term client, we were asked to offer the cheapest shipping solution.