Sports Event


1. Providing equipment shipping services for a famous Chinese sports brand to sponsor Swedish Olympic athletes to participate in 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games


In line with Olympic logistic requirements, Realogistics needed to formulate a complete shipping plan, including:

1) Preparing shipping bills - meeting the related custom regulations of the country hosting the Olympic Games;

2) Exterior package design;

3) Exterior package - Shipping Mark design;

4) Predicting possible accidents and abnormal situation and providing contingency plan;

5) Confirming import custom procedure in the country hosting the Olympic Games;

6) Complying to logistic regulations and restrictions required by the country hosting the Olympic Games, such as:

7) Formulating accurate Olympic logistic shipping schedule, ensuring delivery on time while minimizing extra storage.


In October 2009, Realogistics launched the preparation works four months before the Olympic Games started. By reference to “National Olympic Committee Customs and Freight Guide”, we carried out comprehensive surveys and offered solutions for each item. Finally, we successfully completed Olympic logistic shipping tasks for our key client.


Project date: November 2009-February 2010








2. Realogistics assisting a key client to sponsor Swedish athletes to participate in the 2012 London Olympic Games - material shipping project specification 








1. Pre-shipping preparation


1) Tariff exemption policy for sponsored Olympic cargos; 

2) The requirements of safety and package by UPS - the designated logistic provider of the London Olympic Games

3) According to the cargo movement in UK, calculated shipping time from the ports to designated Olympic venues and specific requirements.

4) The geographic information of Olympic village, the information related to destination and Olympic venues, critical points of Olympic logistics, such as key information (bump-in and lockdown) and arrangement. 




2. Actual logistic operation plan


1) Domestic cargo tally:

2) The requirements and implementation of custom and quarantine and inspection administration:


Custom requirements at the departure port: In addition to normal custom regulations, different custom regions had their respective requirements. Thus, Realogistics selected different ports according to cargo features. For example, sponsored goods are “other tariff-free goods”. We shipped such goods to Tianjin port.

The requirements of quarantine and inspection administration at the departure port: For inspected cargos, the quarantine and inspection administration would issue the commodity inspection certificates or export goods manifests for each type of cargos. Realogistics staff would reclassified cargos and ensure cargos in line with certificates, so as to smooth the inspection by the quarantine and inspection administration and save time.

Destination: Custom requirements: textile cargos normally had many requirements. Working with this supplier, Realogistics had accumulated extensive experience. Before shipping, we would confirm the import requirements with the destination port.

3) Actual operation and shipping:

4) Custom clearance and delivery in foreign countries

5) Personalized emergency service:


In either China or overseas, Realogistics always flexibly provided the most effective and fastest solutions in line with customer and cargo requirements.

Around 6 p.m., the night of Thursday on July 19, 2012, Realogistics received the order from the client to deliver cargoes emergently. Due to the high operational pressure on Friday and the shortage of time, Realogistics decided to pick up goods immediately and book shipping space, then confirmed letter of authorization and requirements. All works were finished within 30 minutes while the operation team got ready. And then we delivered goods at 11 p.m. and saved time for custom clearance. With the approaching of the Olympic Games, all flights to London were booked. So we selected a transit routes, rather than normal inland truck shipping routes in Europe after making a comprehensive risk assessment. All routes were shipped by airplanes, so as to ensure goods were delivered on the weekend. Custom clearance started on July 23 (Monday) London time by the logistic provider designated by the London Olympic Committee. Due to different destinations, Realogistics confirmed sub-package plan with clients. The shipping mark was prepared and the agency was noticed of new cargo distribution standards. Finally, cargos were accurately delivered to the destination.

Shipping destination map: cargo sorting shipping mark




Finally, Realogistics successfully completed this Olympic shipping task and highly recognized by the client.


Project date: June 2012-July 2012