Reprocessing Management


Realogistics Provided Finished Goods Reprocessing Services for Key Clients


The largest Chinese sports product manufacturer was a key client of Realogistics, whose special requirements:Without Spanish labels, we couldn’t go through custom clearance procedure. The following problems were encountered in the process of adding labels:

1) This task involved a large number of products with all kinds of types. Therefore, it’s a tedious task to sort out product labels.

2) It’s hard to effectively and accurately complete labelling task because each box contains varied products in different numbers from 400-800 pieces;

3) Migrant workers were employed to label the products in order to save costs. However, it’s hard for them to accurately label the products because they didn’t understand English;

4) We needed to complete this task in a short period of time. But sticking label was carried out in a warehouse in winter, further increasing difficulty;

5) The procedure was complex to unpack, label, and repackage, while no error was allowed.

Given the above complexity and problems, Realogistics proposed a comprehensive solution upon the investigation with client’s teams:


1) Solving labour issue

2) Sorting out product labels

3) Stacking goods

Based on the above situation, we firstly placed boxes in number sequence and left space between lines for workers to label the products. The following results were achieved:


a. Checking the total number of boxes;

b. Verifying the accuracy of box numbers;

c. When four teams worked concurrently, each team could easily find their box numbers;

d. It’s convenient for repackage.

 Based on the above specifications, Realogistics decided the following procedure:


1st Step: three things were carried out at the same time:

2nd Step: After completed the first step, each group started to work in their designated box area. Workers carried out their own tasks, such as opening boxes, identifying labels and labelling. After labelling, the boxes were sealed by color tapes to distinguish labelled boxes. All products were re-labelled in this process.

3rd Step: After completed all labelling tasks, packing workers re-packed boxes in the aisle and stacked repacked boxes for delivery by trucks.


The above procedure was very effective, shortened from 20 workers in 10 days to 14 workers in just two and a half days. We saved human costs for our client and were praised by them.


Project date: January 2010