Realogistics International (Beijing) Co., Ltd. provides comprehensive logistics services for the new product preview of 2016/17 Autumn-Winter “CRYSTAL GALAXY” series by a renowned jeweler.

As a loyal customer of Realogistics International (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Realogistics Beijing), a renowned crystal jeweler planned to hold the new product preview of 2016/17 Autumn-Winter “CRYSTAL GALAXY” series at Salone Monaco - 3/F of Hotel éclat Beijing on June 13, 2016.

As the designated logistics provider, Realogistics Beijing mainly undertook the tasks including goods collection, delivery to venues, packaging and returning goods to Realogistics Beijing’s warehouse.

Display shelves, Acrylic plates, brochures, gifts for the media were respectively from Singapore, Dubai, Shanghai and Guangzhou. Realogistics Beijing managed to transport all goods to Beijing (Realogistics Beijing warehouse) and sent them to the designated venue under the customer’s direction. Upon closing of the show, the project team of Realogistics Beijing checked all goods, repacked all display shelves, Acrylic plates, media players etc., and carefully sent them to Realogistics Beijing warehouse awaiting further directions from the customer.

Realogistics Beijing has for long been providing comprehensive logistics supports for exhibition/show programs, endorsed by its professional executive teams and rich handling experience. Please feel free to get in touch.