Silk Road Chengdu-Europe Express Rail—Connecting the World 

With a total length of 10,500km, “Chengdu-Europe Express Rail” runs through Eurasia, starting from Chengdu, China in the east and ending at Nuremberg, Germany in the west. Since its opening in 2013, the “Chengdu-Europe Express Rail” has become the most stable, cost-effective, convenient and fastest logistic channel of western China leading to Europe. It presents more development opportunities for the “Belt and Road” initiative and accelerates the internationalization of Chengdu ports.

As the FCL and LCL partner of the “Chengdu-Europe Express Rail”, Realogistics Group operates 1,000m2 modern consolidation warehouses in Nuremberg, Germany. Its powerful overseas agency network covering the whole European continent enables it to provide inland truck transportation across Europe as ordered by customers. Various high-quality resources are made available to provide more specialized and cost-effective import rail LCL and FCL and European inland consolidation services for you.


Transport route:

8 stations/stops, connecting 6 countries:

Nuremberg, Germany - Lodz, Poland - Belarus - Russia - Kazakhstan - Alashankou, Xinjiang - Chengdu


Transport time:

Average of 14 days and expected to be shortened to 12 days in 2016


Advantages of Chengdu-Europe Express Rail

• Uninterrupted operation throughout the year, with 41 40GP containers of each train.

• Fixed round-trip trains: Fixed departure time, route and stations/stops.

• Effectively connecting domestic trains and more cost-effective, convenient and faster railway transportation.

• Stable and predictable transportation time and more reliable than air/sea transportation.

• Self-operated warehouses in Germany and safer, faster and more convenient container loading and distribution.

• Intensive transportation of inland break-bulk goods in Europe, with cost only equal to 1/6 of air transportation.

• The operation mode of railway transportation is as fast, convenient and simple as that of aviation transportation

• Keeping informed of goods information at any time within 24h through the real-time tracking systems on trains.

• Constant-temperature (ranging from +25 degrees centigrade to -25 degrees centigrade) containers.

• Nuremberg, Germany - Chengdu, China logistics hubs and convenient truck pick-up and delivery of goods.

• Electronic data exchange system facilitating customs declaration procedures for entry/exit of goods.

• Less railway transportation emission than traditional one, environmentally-friendly and energy-saving.


Comprehensive comparison on transport modes:

Transport mode

Transport time

Advantages & disadvantages

Air About 4 days  Highest cost
Ocean About 45 days Longest time
Chengdu-Europe Express Rail About 14 days Lies between air and sea transportations, better catering for customers’ demands.


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